Michelin Restaurant
In the 1980’s the restaurant at the hotel  had a One Star Michelin rating. It was one of the few places ‘authorised’ to sell Château Grillet. The owners at that time had kept a comprehensive history of the chateau including photographs. The hotel is now owned by the Best Western group.

Connection with King Leopold II
What was the connection with King Leopold II? It is not known how the King came into contact with Baronne De Wulf. However, it is known that the chateau was a trysting place where he entertained his mistress, Blanche Delacroix. The genealogist and historian Jacques Descheemaeker wrote a lengthy article in "Amours célèbres". It is hoped that permission will be given to reproduce the article on this web-site. See the article here.

Sources of information
The main source of information is recorded conversations between Fernand Berbuto, the great-nephew and his son, John Fernand Berbuto. The genealogical details were provided by the late Philip Thomas, John’s brother-in-law. Philip was a barrister and genealogical lawyer who wrote about the Royal Families of Europe. Indeed it was he who pointed out in the Daily Telegraph that Prince Philip, Duke of  Edinburgh, could be the next King of Greece.

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