La Baronne was a very inventive woman. She chose the site because of the spectacular views both up and down the River Seine. Many of her ideas are incorporated in the design of the building. She was aware of the marvellous views which the prospect of the river offered. So she decided to have windows directly over the fireplace in the salon, surrounded by a picture frame so that she could enjoy the landscapes which nature sent her. The picture above is what she might well have seen over the mantelpiece. The flue was divided and hidden in the chimney breast. In the hall is the staircase which came from the château of Casimir-Perrier.

pa1919webBeneath the château is a natural cave where her husband used to keep his wines. She did not drink alcohol. Rather her interest was in vegetables. Opposite the chateau was a kitchen garden where the speciality was different varieties of lettuce. Her cook learned many ways of cooking lettuce as well as preparing salads. In the very hot summer of 1920 there was a shortage of water. She had bowsers of water filled in the river which were then carted up to the vegetable garden. Lettuces had to be saved at all costs.

Bibi’s bearing was very upright and she always wore black. She was very autocratic and  known for her intolerance of inefficient servants; she was hard on them. The gardener did his best to redress the balance; he was not averse to sampling a bottle of wine with Fernand Berbuto, (picture above) her nephew . She ran her business very successfully but it is not known what her husband did.